… for the Max from your sailing!

Carolyn Trimming

HIGH WATERS 1035 & 11.23 4.6m
This is a new venue for the MOA and detailed information about this small and friendly
establishment and the facilities can be found on their website.
Access to the marina is by an automatic sill which opens and closes approx 3 hours either side of H.W.
Details of both access and approach to the marina and the facilities are given on the website. Further
local pilotage tips will be sent nearer the date to rally participants.
The marina has a well regarded Indian restaurant Bombay Bay with a terrace for fine weather dining
where it is suggested we eat in the evening after the pontoon party There is also a bar/restaurant on
the ground floor providing a more traditional menu including the full breakfast if you like that but can’t
stand the smell on the boat!
Southsea is a very popular marina and due to its size, spaces may be limited so early booking is
recommended. If you would like to come please e mail the organiser Graham Bremer who will send
you an entry form He is also happy to answer any questions you may have.
Email grahambarry00@gmail.com
Mobile 07986760806 Home 02392820570



Easter 2015. Saturday 4th April Hamble Point Marina – Drinks and nibbles on Asante followed by dinner at a local restuarant. Sunday 5th April – head off to Beaulieu, luunch at anchor (weather permitting!) and then head up to Bucklers Hard Marina for a safari supper on the boats. HW Portsmouth 1300. Organisers Andy & Sara Horwood

May 16th &17th Southsea Marina H.W.10.35 Yachts will have to arrive by 1330 at latest (deeper draught yachts would be wise to be at marina entrance by1230) to gain access to marina . Local organiser Graham Bremer

June 17th & 18th  Midweek Midsummer Meet Bembridge  H.W 12.49 Local organiser. R. Sams

July (date TBA) Poole Parkstone Yacht Club  Local organisers David Lack & Neil Niven


September  12 &13 Yarmouth H.W. 11.46

October 17 &18th Shepards Wharf, Cowes H.W. 14.42

Anyone requiring further information on any of the rallies please contact the Solent Coordinator Graham Bremer


Maxi Association Rally

Island Harbour, Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th July

Peter & Sue Stonestreet, Blue Rider are arranging this Rally which previously has been a welcome Rural break giving the opportunity of relaxation or walks,  combined with a ferry ride, to Newport, the Folly, Whippingham village. Now the marina own-ferry can personalise the trip.

The plan:                                                                                     HWPortsmouth; 12th 12.00; 13th 12.46 BST

1800, gather at the BBQ area where:

Drinks & canapé will be provided                              (the well-known Maxi Pontoon party arrangement, bring glasses, plates and cutlery)
Main Course, provide your own drinks and meats to cook, also please bring a salad to share around. (Heat provided)
Dessert Course will be provided

Wet weather routine, may it never be tested, will be a Maxi known safari style/ rotating dinner. Own cooking on own boat, eating aboard another boat as per a magic plan provided.

Notes:- good website, http://www.island-harbour.co.uk/  01983 539994,  chl 80 on arrival
The Island Harbour is down the Medina just past the Folly Inn on the left. The advice is to follow the channel till the stbd hand buoy opposite the lock and turn port 90 along the line of the waiting pontoon. Clear water ±3hours at 1.8m draft, free flow -1 to +2 hours.

If you wish to preplan,  Ferry: 07825 016943 chl 08, info@islandharbourferry.co.uk  & web www.

Booking: Owing to our own sailing plans and booking berths, please book by 3rd July using email, if you can’t, let me know as best you can additionally by text will help.

Boat Name Boat length draft Crew names Crew numbers

Peter@stonestreet.me.uk  mobile 07976 486492  tel 02392 501320

Maxi Rally to Poole – 14th-15th June 2014

When Neil Niven on Rubymax offered to help organise a rally in Poole, we jumped at the opportunity as Maxi Owners have not had a rally in Poole for some years.  Neil secured berths at the Parkstone Yacht Haven and booked South Deep for the evening meal while I co-ordinated with members and Carolyn prepared the pontoon refreshments – an excellent division of labour which made organising the rally simple.

Saturday saw light winds, first from the South East and later from the southwest.  While some got enough wind for a sail, Lookin Foor Kloos  motorsailed  from Lymington to Poole so that we would be in time to get organised to host the pontoon party.  We had 4 visiting boats in the marina with Lookin Foor Kloos, Suive, Blue Rider and Leda of Hamble – the last 2 having only just got back from the D-day celebrations in France.  The afternoon was spent with the usual boat hopping and catching up followed by the pontoon party at 6pm when we were joined by Neil and Debbie Niven (Rubymax), Rob and Trisha Ware (Maxi Magic) both from Poole and Andy and Sara Horwood (Asante) who had driven down.  While showers threatened (indeed we had Rob Ware standing over the food with his umbrella just after we got it out), just after 6pm the skies cleared and we had a lovely evening.  The South Deep proved an excellent choice with good food and excellent company.


Pontoon PartyPoole Rally


Back on the pontoon after the meal, we said our goodbyes with Suive, Blue Rider and Leda of Hamble all having 6am starts to make the most of the tide with further to go.

The following morning after what would have been a very restful night except for a noisy, territorial oyster catcher, we had a more leisurely start on Lookin Foor Kloos.  When we eventually stuck our heads out, we were surprised to see Suive and Leda of Hamble still on the pontoon.  With the spring tides, we were all aground in the mud!  Blue Rider had been on the other side of G pontoon and was able to slip out.  In the Maxi, stress-free way, we waited for the tide to fill and one by one departed to travel back to the Solent.   The weather on Sunday was fair with a north-easterly force 4 to take us back in 3 tacks to Lymington.

With a successful and enjoyable Poole rally accomplished, let’s hope we can include a Poole rally in the programme for 2015.

Julian Trimming – Lookin Foor Kloos.


Asante                         Andy and Sara Horwood

Blue Rider                   Peter and Sue Stonestreet

Leda of Hamble          David Brown

Lookin Foor Kloos      Carolyn and Julian Trimming

Maxi Magic                 Trisha and Rob Ware

Ruby Max                   Neil and Debbie Niven

Suive                          Richard and Lorraine Sams, Rowena

Volvo MD2030 Exhaust Riser/Elbow

Does your engine suffer from lack of power, unable to obtain maximum revs?

We bought a “pre owned” Maxi 1100 – “Maxi Magic” from SD Marine. Whilst she is a very quick boat under sail, the same could not be said when she was motoring. Having sailed through most of the boats out in Poole Bay, we then suffered the embarrassment of them overtaking us when under power coming back into Poole harbour. Something had to be done to restore our credibility!

We had noticed that we could only get a maximum of 2800 RPM out of the engine under load, where as on our previous boat, a Maxi 34 “Eye of Horus” we could get 3400 RPM. The difference in RPM was initially put down to only having a two bladed fixed prop on the 34 as opposed to the three bladed folding on the 1100 and an extra two tons weight difference. Based on our engine experience with the Maxi 34, I took the opportunity in the autumn to remove/inspect the exhaust riser. Having removed the riser it was no surprise to find that approximately 1/3rd of the inner sleeve (where the raw water mixes with the exhaust gas) had corroded away and the main bore had been reduced from 35mm diameter to 7mm diameter (see photo – just enough to get a pencil through!) by the build up of carbon and salt.


Inlet-Old unit with pencil sized opening                         New unit with 35mm bore

3 exhaust manifold riser outlet                4 exhaust manifold riser outlet

Outlet-Old unit with corroded water gallery                        New unit

In my opinion there is no point in trying to salvage a riser in this state so it was off to the local Volvo agents for a new one (£160 plus £4 for the gasket). (Looking around the internet I did not find any at a materially better price). If you do try and clean/salvage an exhaust riser be very careful of the inner sleeve/water gallery, as although it may be intact, it will probably be rotten and will break up if any force is applied to it.

5 exhaust manifold riser outside          6 exhaust manifold riser outside

Outside View Old unit does not look so bad from the outside!

Having fitted the new exhaust riser we took her out for a sea trial and at full throttle got 3350 RPM. That should be enough to see off the other boats motoring back into Poole Harbour!

On a more serious note, I would recommend that you check the exhaust riser after say 600/700 engine hours (Maxi Magic had done 1100 hours). I considered getting a stainless steel riser fabricated, however, apart from the estimated cost (£250), talking to other people about their experiences with stainless risers, the sulphur in the exhaust corrodes the stainless and stainless cannot absorb the thermal shock (cold sea water and hot exhaust gas) as well as cast iron. Also when stainless cracks you will get a hole whereas cast iron will tend to weep.

Removing the exhaust hose from the riser is a bit of a chore. I used a blunt screw driver and gradually worked it into the joint, taking care not to tear the rubber pipe, and it took about 30 minutes to release. To make it easier to remove the hose in the future, I wrapped the outlet of the new riser in PTFE tape.

Having checked our fuel consumption, this has improved, and the tiny bit of hunting that we had at tick over has now gone. A job well worth doing.

Rob Ware – Maxi Magic