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Blessed with beautiful ‘Indian Summer’ weather over the weekend, the last rally of the season took place at Cowes on 7 Oct.   Notwithstanding the sunshine, the Force 5 gusting Force 6 on the way across was a bit of a surprise!  Very early booking ensured that the fleet had pole position inside the South bay at Shepards, which was otherwise rammed with boats, some rafted 5 deep outside the marina in the Medina.  All other marinas in Cowes were turning away boats, sadly including a last minute Maxi participant.  Despite early planning our usual dinner locations (ISC or UKSA) were unavailable, but the adjacent Duke of York pub across the road turned out to be an excellent alternative, providing really good food and exceptional service.  We will be back!  Early departures to catch the tide going west on Sunday were achieved, despite the logjams in the harbour, but the wind had dropped away to nothing, so Mr Volvo was needed to get participants home.  Maxis taking part were:  Aloni, Ariam, Asante, Blue Lightning, Eye of Horus, Leda of Hamble, Lookin’ Foor Kloos and Huggy Bear.

Welcome to the entries for this year’s competition. As you will see we have received a variety of great photographs this year which is excellent as we hope to produce a 2024 calendar from these and some of the entries from previous years.

The winners of the competition this year will be decided by the votes of the members. Could you please look though the entries and vote for 1st 2nd and 3rd favourite as follows:

1st: Picture x

2nd: Picture y

3rd: Picture z.

One vote only per membership please sent to jtrimming@hotmail.com by 4th October.

Picture 1

Bacchus and Iona

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Setting off across Biscay

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Are we having fun yet?

Picture 9

Maxi rally Yarmouth

Picture 10


Picture 11

River Stour 1

Picture 12


Picture 13

River Stour 2

Picture 14

Isobel 2

Picture 15

Picture 16

Picture 17

Picture 18

Dolphins Holly Blue near Glenan Islands

Picture 19

Sunny day over Fowey estuary

Picture 20

Dawn – Pont Pill

Brilliant sunshine but no wind was the weather for the Lymington rally but everyone agreed it was preferable to wet and windy!

The rally was well attended with 13 boats participating; 8 alongside the Dan Bran pontoon, Lookin Foor Kloos alongside the Royal Lymington Yacht Club pontoon as host boat for the pontoon party, 3 other local boats (left on their moorings) and the Sams who arrived by car.

The pontoon party was attended by 28 crew in lovely evening sunshine before moving into the Royal Lymington Yacht Club.

As we had a private room, I twisted Andy and Sara Horwood’s arms to give a talk on their summer cruise to Northern Spain and back.  It was very well received with some excellent pictures and included accounts of two crossings of the Bay of Biscay and what to do when your propeller falls off in Spanish waters!  Many thanks to Sara and Andy for sharing their experiences.

Dinner followed with some excellent catering from the club.

On the Sunday, fine weather continued for the journeys home.

Boats participating were:

Lookin Foor KloosLeda of HambleAloni
MorfanBlue LightningMistral
CaribouOut of the BlueZuma Blue

Julian Trimming


10th /11th May – Yarmouth with dinner at ‘On the Rocks’

24th / 25th June – Universal Marina, Hamble with dinner at ‘Banana Wharf’ in the Marina

2nd / 3rd September – Lymington Dan Bran pontoon with dinner at Royal Lymington YC

7th / 8th October – Shepard’s Wharf, Cowes

West country

15th / 16th July – River Yealm Yacht Club

Rally details, joining instructions and host yacht information will be issued in due course.

As you will see, the rallies are currently ‘south-coast-centric’. If based away from the South Coast and happen to be passing at the time of a rally (with or without your Maxi) and would like to attend, please contact Steve Harridge on southcoastrally@maxiowners.net . Should a group away from the South Coast (for example, on the East Coast) decide to have a rally of their own, please just let Steve know. Assistance can be given!

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