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Maxi 1000

There were around 1000 Maxi 1000’s produced in the ten years following it’s introduction in 1992, and it was a worthy development of the Maxi 999 of which about a further 600 had already built.  The Maxi 1000 has proved a very successful cruiser and racer

maxi pbo 589firsttwopagesPractical Boat Owner Volume 589 (Summer 2015) contains a comprehensive review written by Peter K Poland of all Pelle Petterson’s Maxi boats, starting with the original Maxi 77 through to the Maxi 1300 and Maxi 1200.  We are extremely grateful to the Editor of PBO and to Peter Poland for granting us permission to reproduce this as a PDF.

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We are most grateful to Yachting Life for permission to include their own October 1996 review of the Maxi 1000, reproduced here in full.

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