… for the Max from your sailing!






We are pleased to invite you, as a Member of the MAXI OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, to our A.G.M., which will take place at:

The Phoenix Inn

High Street



SO21 1RF


Sunday 19th February 2017



12.00 AGM (all welcome)

13.00 Meal (Curry Buffet – TBC), Drink and Skittles.



Members and families are welcome to the AGM, but if you would just like to attend the social part of the event you are very welcome. The main purpose for the AGM will be to agree the Association programme for 2017 and to elect Officers to the Committee.

The meal will probably be a curry buffet depending on numbers at a cost of £12 per head. A first drink will be provided by M-O-A.




Due to the changes in the committee at the end of this year we still have vacancies for:

East Coast Rally Co-ordinator

UK Rally Co-ordinator




We would welcome any volunteers.




We are conscious that currently most events are Solent /South Coast.

If there are members in other locations interested in attending events or maybe arranging pub meetings, rallies do lets us know to so any suggestions could be discussed at the AGM.


The committee have been busy and have developed a provisional programme for 2017, which will be shared at the AGM so that you can put the dates in your diaries.

Remember, out of area participation is always welcome so if your Maxi is a long way away (or out of the water), come by car and share the fun.




  1. Apologies
  2. Chairman’s Report – Activities during the year
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Membership and accounts
  4. Rally co-ordinator’s report on 2016 programme and review of the 2017 programme
  5. Election/Re-election of Officers / Committee Members and Honorary Members

Committee Members:

Chairman Julian Trimming
Vice-Chairman Vacant
Secretary Peter Sands
Treasurer Sarah Sands
Web-Master Vacant
South Coast Rally Co-ordinator Richard Sams
UK Rally Co-ordinator Vacant
Membership Secretary Sara Horwood
East Coast Rally Co-ordinator Vacant
General Committee Member Andy Horwood

Carolyn Trimming

plus 1 vacancy

  1. Discussion on events, web site, help required and developing activity on website
  2. Any other business



As we need to confirm meal numbers with the pub, please confirm if you will be attending by Monday 13th February.


You will find also attached a Form of Proxy (for completion if you are unable to attend).


Please return either by email to membership@maxiowners.net or by post to the Membership Secretary by Friday 17th February for Proxy votes to be counted.





M-O-A Committee                                                                                        January 2017

FORM of PROXY                            MOA A.G.M.                        19th February 2017

Voting by Proxy

            You can vote by proxy by marking with an “X” against each item.

If you mark in some other way or more than once against the item or leave blank then       no vote will be recorded for that item.


Deadline for voting by proxy

This form, properly completed, should be returned to the Membership Secretary, Sara Horwood, Anemone Cottage, South Lane, Nomansland, Salisbury, SP5 2BZ by the latest Friday 19th February. No proxy forms can be accepted after that date.


Signing the Form

            For your vote to be counted you must sign at the foot of the form.

       The following posts are vacant. If you are prepared to volunteer for one, please tick below:
Vice Chairman        
Web Master        
            East Coast Rally Co-ordinator        
           UK Rally Co-ordinator        
Items requiring a vote: For Against Abstain Discretion of Chairman
1.    To re-elect existing committee members to current positions and to elect new committee members        
2.   To re-elect the SD Marine team and Haskins Marine as Associate Members for 2016/17        

Matters for discussion (please write in):









Signed——————————————————–                  Date ———————-

Name (Capitals please)———————————————-             

Please see below the entries for the 2016 MOA photo competition.  Please e-mail me on jtrimming@hotmail.com  with your vote with the name of  your favourite photo – the prize to be awarded at the AGM on Feb 19th at the Phoenix, Twyford, Nr Winchester.

Best regards


 On route to Poole Rally 2016

 Itchenor Rally 2016

 Maxi on Round the Island Race

 Chichester Rally 2016

 Windy Sunday off Hurst

This was last rally of the season, we went  to Shepherd’s Wharf, Cowes over the weekend of October 15th/16th 2016.

With 17 boats represented, this rally boasted to be the most well attended rally of the season with up to 44 attendees.

However, by the w/e some folk cancelled, not because of the weather forecast, but, through ill health.  So, we were down to 12 boats, still a great turnout for the time of year, particularly with a forecast of strong winds for the homeward journey on Sunday.  Must be a sturdy lot these Maxi owners.  It was wonderful to see many new faces.  Some new to rallies, and some new to MOA, and even some thinking about joining.

The weather on the Saturday proved to be a great day for sailing, fair winds and sunshine, and boats arrived throughout the afternoon.

Rafted up in Shepperd's Wharf

Rafted up in Shepperd’s Wharf


The weather on the Saturday stayed fair until pontoon party time!  However, in anticipation of the changeable forecast and with some advanced planning, we had booked into the Sugar Store at the Marina.

The Sugar Store is an old store that has been ‘tarted’ up for hire.  Although, expensive at £75.00/hour!  In true Maxi style, and after some hard negotiations with the harbour master, a charge was agreed which kept us within budget.   The pontoon party went ahead in the warm & dry, with good wine, warmed canapés and lots of talk about the last season and seasons to come.

We all moved on to the Island Sailing Club for dinner, which was delicious and we were welcomed to the club in a warm & friendly manner.

The weather didn’t look so good for the Sunday.  However, the front moved through earlier than expected, whilst we were all tucked up in bed, well, most of us!  Thus, the weather gave us the opportunity for a great sail home, even though gusts went up to mid-twenties.

Bright Sunday morning - Cowes

Bright Sunday morning – Cowes

So, for the last sailing event for 2016, a good time was had by all.

Looking forward to 2017, with maybe a wheels rally before then?

A quote from an attendee – ‘Thanks for organising a great rally with much better than expected weather for the sail to Cowes and back’

Maxima2 Maxima1


Having looked at new boats at the shows and disliked their light build and IKEA style interiors we decided to renovate our 14 year old Maxi 1100’s faded and much polished (and therefore eroded) dark blue gelcoat with new gelcoat in cream. Having first considered repainting or vinyl covering her top sides we decided to leave her in the most capable hands of Chris Murch of Northney Yacht Services and treat her to a totally new look!

I have had lots of inquiries regarding cost but it’s difficult to quantify. There is the haul out, mast and rigging removal, polythene watertight tent, removal of all hardware and vinyl stripes etc. I had all anti foul removed and re epoxied below waterline so that the new gelcoat could be faired in. The deck had to be cleaned and polished afterwards along with all fittings. There was approximately 100kg of gelcoat applied which after all the sanding in between coats became about 50kg but that was of course after most of the blue was removed. Then three coats of anti-foul on top of several coats of epoxy. All in we are talking about 9-10k sterling for an 1100. We are extremely pleased with the results- she is like a brand new yacht! I can most thoroughly recommend Chris and his firm for an excellent job.

David Hodges


Velox-Plus-300x297I keep Lookin Foor Kloos on the Lymington river and for some years have been using Trilux antifoul on the propeller. While this has represented an improvement in fouling just polishing the prop, I was still noticing a significant slow down in performance under motor come the end of the season and some growth of worm when the boat was lifted.

Last season, I was getting the boat ready on the yard and a neighbour was praising the virtues of Velox Plus, an Italian antifoul paint and gave me the remains of his tins of primer and antifoul which I gratefully received and used.

So, how did it perform? I must say that the results have been very positive. I re-launched Lookin Foor Kloos in late March and lifted her on August 20th for a scrub prior to a cross channel race. While the hill was a little slimed which washed off easily, the prop came out brilliant white with no fouling at all. The yard commented that most of the boats lifted had had quite some fouling on the propeller so they were surprised.

Re-launched, the prop. Still appears to have remained clean of foul – I will see what it looks like when lifted again in May.

Details of Velox Plus can be found here at www.marlinpaint.com and is available from Marinescene for £36 for the antifoul and primer.