… for the Max from your sailing!

Poole Rally 14th/15th June


The date of the Poole rally is approaching fast and hopefully the fine weather of the past few weekends has got you in the sailing mood.


Berths are being held at Parkstone and the plan is for a pontoon party at 6.00pm followed by dinner at 7.30pm at “South Deep” which is a short walk away and with a tasty looking menu – see below.


I hope you will be able to join us at the Rally.  If so, can you please confirm providing the following by e-mail to jtrimming@hotmail.com :

  • Whether you will require a berth at Parkstone (some of the Poole boat crews may wish to come on foot for the Pontoon party and dinner)

  • Boat name

  • Boat length

  • Number of people joining

  • Mobile contact number


I would be grateful if you could confirm participation and numbers by return and, to make ordering easier, can you please confirm what you would like to order from the menu by 9th June latest



Dinner Menu



  • Basket of grilled marinated chicken wings served with a sweet chilli sauce

  • Fish soup served with crostini and parmesan

  • Small casserole of Scottish mussels with onion, celery, garlic butter and fresh bread

  • Crispy crab cake served with a Romesco dressing


Main Courses

  • Homemade grilled lamb burger served with sun dried tomato and goats cheese, potato wedges, mint yoghurt, coriander and roquette salad

  • Homemade Angus beef burger served with salad, bacon, cheese and homemade chips

  • Casserole of Scottish mussels served with a white wine and cream sauce, basket of chips, crusty bread and butter

  • 8oz grilled black gold Scottish rib-eye steak served with peppercorn sauce, roquette salad, grilled tomatoes and a basket of chips

  • Chicken ballotine wrapped in Parma ham served with mashed potato, asparagus and whole grain mustard sauce

  • Seabass fillet and smoked mackerel casserole (spinach, new potato, shallots, tarragon and cream)

  • Gurnard fillet served with a mussel and bouillabaisse sauce, grilled courgette and new potatoes

  • Grilled vegetable kebab on a bed of spinach and couscous served with a lemon, mint, caper, tomato, shallots and olive oil dressing.



  • Selection of cheese served with grapes, celery sticks, bread, biscuits and a Belgian syrup paste

  • Brioche bread and butter pudding served with ginger ice cream

  • Poached pear and chocolate sauce, Chantilly and white chocolate sorbet

  • Baileys cheesecake served with Chantilly

  • Dark chocolate moelleux with bourbon vanilla ice cream

  • Dame blanche (bourbon vanilla ice cream, warm real dark chocolate sauce and Chantilly)

  • Fraises Melba (fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream, strawberry sauce, Chantilly)

  • Café liegeois (bourbon vanilla ice cream, shot of expresso coffee, Chantilly)

  • Cup of sorbet( raspberry, lemon and white chocolate) with fruit of the day and strawberry sauce.

    How can you resist!      



We look forward to seeing you at Poole


Best wishes


Julian and Carolyn Trimming (Lookin Foor Kloos) 07771508699


Neil and Debbie Niven (Ruby Max)



Island Harbour Rally 12th/13th July organised by Peter Stonestreet details to follow

Itchenor Rally date to be confirmed, organised by John Skipper

Yarmouth Rally 13th/14th September details to follow

This rally will be hosted by Julian and Carolyn Trimming at the Royal Solent Sailing Club in Yarmouth.

Rally at The Folly 11th/12th October, organised by Peter Sands