… for the Max from your sailing!

This was last rally of the season, we went  to Shepherd’s Wharf, Cowes over the weekend of October 15th/16th 2016.

With 17 boats represented, this rally boasted to be the most well attended rally of the season with up to 44 attendees.

However, by the w/e some folk cancelled, not because of the weather forecast, but, through ill health.  So, we were down to 12 boats, still a great turnout for the time of year, particularly with a forecast of strong winds for the homeward journey on Sunday.  Must be a sturdy lot these Maxi owners.  It was wonderful to see many new faces.  Some new to rallies, and some new to MOA, and even some thinking about joining.

The weather on the Saturday proved to be a great day for sailing, fair winds and sunshine, and boats arrived throughout the afternoon.

Rafted up in Shepperd's Wharf

Rafted up in Shepperd’s Wharf


The weather on the Saturday stayed fair until pontoon party time!  However, in anticipation of the changeable forecast and with some advanced planning, we had booked into the Sugar Store at the Marina.

The Sugar Store is an old store that has been ‘tarted’ up for hire.  Although, expensive at £75.00/hour!  In true Maxi style, and after some hard negotiations with the harbour master, a charge was agreed which kept us within budget.   The pontoon party went ahead in the warm & dry, with good wine, warmed canapés and lots of talk about the last season and seasons to come.

We all moved on to the Island Sailing Club for dinner, which was delicious and we were welcomed to the club in a warm & friendly manner.

The weather didn’t look so good for the Sunday.  However, the front moved through earlier than expected, whilst we were all tucked up in bed, well, most of us!  Thus, the weather gave us the opportunity for a great sail home, even though gusts went up to mid-twenties.

Bright Sunday morning - Cowes

Bright Sunday morning – Cowes

So, for the last sailing event for 2016, a good time was had by all.

Looking forward to 2017, with maybe a wheels rally before then?

A quote from an attendee – ‘Thanks for organising a great rally with much better than expected weather for the sail to Cowes and back’