… for the Max from your sailing!

The weather again smiled on us for the annual MOA rally at Shepards Wharf, hosted by
Pam and Andy Verdon. Sunshine and a Force 3 – 5 in the Solent made for some excellent
sailing to and from the event. Early booking ensured that the MOA rally again had pole
position inside the northern basin; conversely the several boats rafted up outside suffered
from an uncomfortable chop overnight in the northerly wind. The decision was made to
have dinner at the ISC again rather than at UKSA, as had been the choice in previous
years. The ISC exceeded expectations, providing great value for money and excellent
service. A minutes silence was observed there, in memory of The Queen followed by a
toast to King Charles III. Boats taking part were: Ariam, Blue Rider, Good Time Girl, Walk
of Life, Lookin For Kloos, Windhover, Huggy Bear, Ruby Max, Maxi Magic, Iona and