… for the Max from your sailing!

The anchor chain locker is generally a damp and hostile environment especially for any electrics, i.e. the windlass. After hosing down the anchor chain, despite Maxis having self-draining lockers, the chain & warp are left in a shallow pool of water, which unless you have the time to leave the locker hatch open, will take ages to dry out.
A simple wood grating, can be made of rot proof treated timber {I used 1″ x ½″ slats for a garden trellis}
The next time you are at anchor, lay the grating at the base of the locker, so that the chain etc. will lie on top when hauled in.
This I find gives an airing effect under the chain and dries the locker that much quicker.

Barry Powling, Khamsin {Brittany France}

An alternative to a wooden grating has been used by Peter Stonestreet on his 1000. He cut the corner off a plastic bottle crate. By careful sizing, the tetrahedron fills the bottom corner well.