… for the Max from your sailing!

We adopted an alternative solution on our Maxi 1100. We’ve strapped a cheap B&Q domestic dehumidifier to a backing sheet which is mounted under the starboard flap of the saloon table. It’s mounted a couple of inches above the floor so you don’t lose too much space for feet, and a permanent drain is made very neatly via plastic tubing into the bilge by the float switch. It’s run via a time clock every few days when we’re not on board. When we are, we can always run overnight to help keep the inside sweet and dry.

Obviously you can’t lower the flap with it in place but it can be quickly and easily removed with just two small neat screws underneath the table.

We wouldn’t recommend running it when stored ashore as I prefer to keep the bilge dry in case it freezes.  In fact, what we do is to lash it over the sink so that the condensate can drain directly out – but be sure to leave the sink seacock open.  Even cheap dehumidifiers can be bought that have a frost setting that ensures there is no ice build-up.