… for the Max from your sailing!

The following failure has been reported by Maxi 1100 owner Peter Bruce.


Maxi 1100 owners might like to know that a crack has been found in the athwardships plate in the stem fabrication where it holds the forestay. The stem fabrication is not symmetrical and a stress point occurs at the weld where the athwartships plate intersects with the inboard fore and aft plate. Peter Bruce, who owns Owl, hull number 19 says the crack was well developed, and it might have led to the loss of the mast. It is just possible to view the weld in question with the forestay in position.

Peter Bruce has had the area heavily reinforced. This was done after removal of the stem fitting the the help of a good stainless steel welder.’
Quite by chance Peter Bruce has a spare (unmodified) stemhead fabrication should anyone need one.