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Exemplary service in the Baltic – rudder bearing repair!

Sybarite, my Maxi 1200, and I have been cruising the Baltic since June 2004.  I had noticed some minor leakage over the last year but had been unable to identify the source unequivocally.

However, when on passage from Latvia to Visby last week in strongish winds (Force 6 and 7) for most of the journey, the leak became more troublesome with the automatic bilge pump cutting in every few minutes until we had to resort to the manual pump when it failed due to a clogged filter.  On arrival at Visby, I contacted Maxi and reported my problem.  Maxi immediately sent down their works manager and after inspection we were agreed that the most likely cause was a defective rudder bearing.

It was arranged that I would sail up to Farosund, in north Gotland, where Maxi have opened a new factory and there they would lift out my yacht, repair her and for a reasonable fee store and maintain her over the winter.

The service I received was exemplary, I cannot praise their reaction to my problem too highly.  It is gratifying indeed to know that they have such concern for the ongoing condition of their yachts and provide such outstanding support for owners.  I am reinforced in my view that a Maxi yacht is undoubtedly one of the better buys for its quality and for the service provided both by the UK agents, S D Marine and Maxi Yachts.

Duncan McMillan                  August 2005