… for the Max from your sailing!

Yachting Monthly’s news website www.yachtingmonthly.com  reports that Najad, the Swedish parent company for Maxi Yachts, was declared bankrupt on 9th August 2011. This very sad news has come just when we were looking forward to a new exciting phase in the Maxi marque with the introduction of the Maxi 11 which is featured on the back cover of this year’s Cowes Yachting.

Yachting Monthly reports Mikael Gustavsson, managing director and group chief executive, as saying “It was a very difficult and sad day for everyone at Najadvarvet AB, including employees, customers, suppliers and partners.”  He went on to add “We have turned every stone in our attempts to avoid this situation. Today, our last efforts have failed. The parent company is insolvent and therefore has to file for bankruptcy.”

YM also spoke to Mike Jennings, the UK agent for Maxi since Najad took over the marque, who said “It’s a tragedy. The yachts are very, very good, but with the current exchange rate with the Swedish Krona things were getting very tight.”

The Maxi Owners Association understand the full situation is still emerging and very much hope that things may evolve.  However the whole boating industry, like many other industries, is struggling in the present global financial climate.

Some additional details can be found on Yachting World’s website at www.yachtingworld.com

We will give any further information as and when it becomes available.