… for the Max from your sailing!

Many of these sites have not been updated for some years, or have been moved to new sites or other systems (e.g. blogs, facebook )  – we would be grateful if you can let us know of any changes or broken links.

www.maxisidorna.com: Adam Eriksson’s excellent Maxi Yacht website (English & Swedish).   A private listing of Maxi’s since 1970’s

MAXImalt.dk: A good site with useful technical information & links.  The web site is in Danish, but it is well worth browsing to search for information in English.  And if there are articles only in Danish which would be useful to others, then we may be able to arrange translation.

Danish Maxi Club

Maxi 95 Owners Group (Swedish)

Christer Sjöberg’s Maxi 95 database (English & Swedish)

Lennart’s Maxi 95 Red Heaven website (Swedish)