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Rally Reports 2007

Winter Wheels Rally, Cafe Lulworth – Sat 24th February 2007


Our 2007 Solent  “Winter Wheels Rally” went ahead on Saturday at Cafe Lulworth which is located in Universal Marina on the East bank of the Hamble.  Cafe Lulworth takes it’s name from one of the "Big Class" 43m yachts that led to the famous J-Class yachts.   Although driving is not as convenient as having a boat within walking distance to fall in to at the end of the evening, we had a total of 12 people and a good time was had by all.


The 6 boats were:-


Blue Demon,  Guy and Ros Warner


Mischief Maker,  Douglas Mursell and Rachel


Walk of Life,  Peter and Joan Lloyd


Good Time Girl,  Kevin and Annie Brown


Blue Lightning,  Peter and Sarah Sands


SD Marine,  John and Nahoko Haskins





All in all, we were made very welcome with good food, good company and a good start to the sailing social season.


Peter Sands





Shepards Wharf  – June 9th and 10th 2007

Following the success of last years rally to Shepards Wharf at Cowes, we organised another visit.  Ten Maxi’s booked in with an eleventh squeezed in on the day.  (Apparently 11 boats on a Maxi rally is a record!)

We were blessed with fantastic sunny weather, and for those that left the trip to the afternoon, the wind picked up and a good sail could be found!  If only that weather could be guaranteed for all rallies!

As the boats gathered during the afternoon we were also treated to a Red Arrows display – it would be nice to take credit for that but we suspect the IOW festival organisers might have had something to do with!

Drinks & nibbles were provided on the pontoon near Asante, courtesy of M-O-A and the beautiful warm evening made it a very social occasion with both new faces and “old” mingling.  We then all – 24 of us – went off to the Island Sailing Club for an excellent meal with very good service and enjoyed by all.

Sunday morning dawned hot and sunny again, and boats left at intervals to catch tides east and west.  For us it was nice to meet lots of new faces, and meet up with old friends.

Boats attending were:

Asante, Bilton Garth, Blue Rider, Caribou, Good Time Girl, Les Alizes, Looking for Kloos, Magewind, Maxima, Sapphire, Walk of Like

       Andy and Sara

Lymington Rally  –  September 22nd & 23rd  2007.


After a poor summer of weather this year, M-O-A were blessed with excellent weather for the end of season rally in Lymington.

A total of 10 Maxi rafted up on the Dan Bran pontoon (a new harbour masters pontoon with shore access) and a further 2 were represented – Topsey with her home mooring in the river and Reflection from Salcombe with Richard and Rosemary Gatehouse dropping in on the evening meet having been up to the boat show.  So, a grand total of 12 boats and 31 crew, a great turnout!

Drinks and nibbles were on the pontoon (courtesy of M-O-A) on a wonderfully sunny and still September evening followed by dinner at the Mayflower – a stagger of all of 100 yards from the pontoon entrance.

Sunday the weather turned and although dry, a brisk south westerly wind had kicked in, good to blow the Solent boats back but a bit more of a challenge to those from Poole.

Boats represented were:-

bullet Maxi 1000’s… Blue Rider, Good Time Girl, Pace, Lookin Foor Kloos, Leda of Hamble, Saphire, Reflection
bullet Maxi 34’s… Eye of Horus, Topsey
bullet Maxi 1050’s… Max, Bilton Garth
bullet Maxi 1100… Out of the Blue

Many thanks to all those who came and made our Lymington event into yet another success.

Julian Trimming


This event had been postponed from May due to the terrible forecast and limited access at Bembridge, so it was re-planned for October…  This report by Don Lucas of Footloose is reproduced from the Nimbus Owner’s Association newsletter with their permission…
"The inaugural meeting between our joint fleets was a great success. I must confess to having some concern before the event as to how the crews would get along together, but these disappeared after our first contact. There was an instant camaraderie between us all. 
The combined fleet arrived at the Folly Pontoon over the Saturday afternoon, all being assembled by about 1700 and ready for the pontoon party at 1800.
We had reserved the whole pontoon of nine berths. This looked good on paper, as Christina 2 had decided to spend the weekend at Island Harbour and Magewind was racing and would arrive late. Unfortunately the wind that weekend was non-existent, which ‘ was good for us but I not good for the racing sailor.
This resulted in their chairman, John Skipper in Magewind, abandoning his race and arriving earlier than planned thereby presenting Peter Stonestreet with the problem of diverting his chairman to the midstream pontoon. We too had an unplanned addition but fortunately only the crew attended. Just before the pontoon party Mick & Betty Blake appeared. Their boat Serena is moored in the south of France, but as they live in Cowes they came by road.
Sue Stonestreet and Avril had prepared a very impressive array of nibbles for the pontoon party and this very enticing, albeit incredibly fattening, collection of goodies got the evening off to a good start. Within a few minutes of the first drink being poured, it became apparent that we were all kindred spirits. Past voyages and races were  remembered causing the lamps to swing violently.
When the light had faded to a point where it was impossible to see which dip one was sampling, we repaired to the pub, where we enjoyed an excellent meal accompanied by even more salty stories. For those of us who were unfamiliar with the popular after dinner pursuit of the Saturday night dinner at the Folly Inn, it came as a hit of a surprise. It is an exercise known as ”Dancing-on-the-Tables". Now I had heard about it and assumed that one or two youngsters risked life and limb by climbing on the tables and danced to the live band. Not a bit of it! Young and old, even the aged and decrepit squashed themselves on to the swaying creaking tables and gyrated like dervishes. Fortunately, by the time we had eaten, all the tables were full, so we had to make do with the good old-fashioned floor.
Following this terrifying experience we returned to our yachts for the odd nightcap and to discuss venues for next year’s meeting. The combined fleets arose at a very late hour on Sunday morning. Prior to our departure there were the usual coffee parties and inspections of one another’s  yachts.  Footloose seemed to attract a great deal of attention from the more senior wives of the Maxi Fleet. I suspect that we may have a few Maxi detectors in the years to come!" 
The participating boats were…

Footloose Don Lucas & Avril Ward
Christina 2   David & Christine Hopkins
Moonraker Andrew & Gabby McCall
Alice B  Mike & Margaret Thomson
Intrepid Bob & Sue Garret
Huggy Bear  Colin & Chris Summerfield
Magewind John Skipper
Blue Lightning Peter & Sarah Sands
Blue Rider Peter & Sue Stonestreet
Bilton Garth Richard & Lorraine Sams
Seawolf    George & Sarah Huxford