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Rally Reports 2013

27/28th April 2013 Rally – Island Harbour Medina, Cowes

Those booked in for the Rally were rewarded with a splendid outing following the months of rain and chill winds. Till the last moment it seemed threatening, but the sun had been shining amid April showers, which were kept at bay for the important pontoon party. 25 crew and 10 boats berthed at the midday tide through the lock. As well as regular ralliers we welcomed new members and occasional attendees. The Island Harbour staff made us all very welcome berthing all together on one pontoon and checking we were satisfied. This was the Spring Rally testing all skippers to complete the winter refit. This location is a change from the usual spring rally at Bembridge and the response was favourable.

Island Harbour is now a lovely setting, well managed with the feel of berthing onto a village green in the quiet countryside. Members took the opportunity to visit Newport, some by a 1½ mile walk, others by ferry. Did they find the tea & cake shop waiting for them? In the other direction was a round the lanes walk to Whippingham and its interesting church looking like the Tardis with 4 rocket boosters on the corners of the tower.

Sue and Peter Stonestreet from Blue Rider prepared a super pontoon party, where tradition was maintained. There were great refreshments and nibbles, which everyone enjoyed as they chatted on the pontoon and an enthusiastic Maxi crowd was rewarded with some lovely Spring sunshine.

The restaurant at Island Harbour has now been taken under the site management, which is a good plan. The chef and staff set out to effectively please all. We selected from the menu early in the afternoon and they produced excellent service to each of the tables without delay.

Peter prepared a challenge to all as a study on an MAIB yacht collision report in order to study the lessons and enigmas that face sailors on dark foggy nights at sea. The synopsis can be seen elsewhere on the website. 

Boats present were:  Blue Rider,  Maxi Magic , Juliette , Lookin for Kloos, Moonshine Blues, Asante, Sea Wolf,  Resolute, Maxima and  Suive.