… for the Max from your sailing!


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Six yachts mustered with twelve people for a chilly May rally. There was some hesitancy due to the high wind forecast for the return trip. The forecast proved correct as we departed on Wednesday in a force 7!

All the yachts left the pontoon without any incidents, although, for those being blown on, it did test our springing-off skills. All yachts made their home berths safely, reinforcing our confidence in the seagoing qualities of Maxi Yachts (and their close relatives).

“Ariam” (Verdons) had the foresight, and space, to berth on the lee side of the pontoon, which meant she was blown off with a slight heel. By the way – a nice paint job.

Yachts present were: Suive (Sams), Ariam (Verdon), Aloni (Harridge), Topsy (Hedges), Leda of Hamble (Brown & friend) & Blue Rider (Stonestreet) – 12 people.

After the pontoon party, held on board “Suive” due to the cool evening temperature, we all took the water taxi to Brading Haven Yacht Club for the rally dinner. We raised a glass to Rod Minkey, our recently deceased committee member, sadly missed by us all. The catering staff, led by Emily Cox, did us proud. We negotiated the causeway back to the marina with all present and correct. All went according to plan and an enjoyable time was had by all.

Anita & Cliff – new members braving the pontoon at Bembridge

We are pleased to welcome Cliff & Anita Hedges (Topsy) who have bought a Maxi 34 and have just joined the MOA.

The next MOA rally is to Weymouth on the weekend commencing June 28th. Sarah and Peter Sands will be hosting. We hope to see you there.

Richard and Lorraine Sams “Suive”

Sadly, Rod died on Good Friday after a long illness, which he faced with fortitude. Rod had a very positive outlook on life and he retained this characteristic to the end.

The MOA owes much to Rod and his wife, Carole, who were very early members of the association. They kept their Maxi 1000, Neroli, on the east coast at Ipswich, before moving to the Solent. Rod contributed significantly to the East Coast MOA section, becoming E C Rally Co-ordinator. He arranged memorable rallies, such as the one to Nieuwpoort in Belgium in 2005 as well as complex racing events in the Orwell.

In the days before the internet became our principle news source, the MOA issued a regular newsletter, complete with brilliant full colour sailing pictures. These were formatted and printed by Rod, a talented graphic designer. He was also instrumental in shaping the appearance of the MOA website and the current website banner is entirely due to his talent.

Rod loved sailing and he loved being part of the MOA, especially the rallies, where his gregarious nature came to the fore. We all enjoyed his company and he took every opportunity to promote the MOA.

He is greatly missed. Sincere condolences to Carole from all in the MOA.

The December issue of Yachting monthly features Maxi’s on consecutive pages.   First was Lady Penelope, David Le Mare’s Maxi 34 which featured in an article on “Solent Sailing with the RAF”.  The second article was about the Yachting Monthly Triangle race which mentioned the success of Amylou – Gary Heward’s Maxi 1100.