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Maxi Yachts

In this Section on Maxi Yachts, you can find general  information relating to specific models that Maxi have produced over the years.  Much of this has come from our members whose boats span virtually the whole range of Maxi’s ever produced.  Models include 33, 34, 77, 85, 95, 100, 130 ketch, 340, 909, 999, 1000, 1050, 1100, 1200, 38+
We spotted this very smart Maxi 68 sailing on the River Stour, just off Harwich.
Additional reference information on many Maxi’s can be found on www.maxisidorna.com


We have received the following email from Maxi Yachts confirming that the new Maxi 1300 will be available for viewing in Poland this summer. Let’s hope this is the start of a new beginning for Maxi Yachts.


Dear All Maxi Owners

I would like to inform that Maxi 1300 will be launch in Gdańsk Marina in Poland this summer when will be tested on the Baltic Sea.

You All more the welcome to see us there.
I will keep You updated.

Whish to see You on our deck soon



We have been contacted by Hans Sommerand, a Danish Maxi owner who is producing a website for the Maxi 34.


The website (in Danish) can be found here:- www.maxi34.qsite.dk. Contact details are on the website should any of our Maxi 34 owners wish to add their boat to the database.

We have been contacted by Hans Sommerand, a Danish Maxi owner who is producing a website for the Maxi 34.


The website (in Danish) can be found here:- www.maxi34.qsite.dk.


Contact details are on the website should any of our Maxi 34 owners wish to add their boat to the database.

*Maxi Yachts Update*


Maxi Yachts has been acquired by Polish boat builder, Delphia Yachts.


These details have been published on the Delphia Yachts website:- 


Maxi Yachts has been always a synonymous with well-constructed vessels whose build quality has earned them great respect throughout the sailing world.


Most recently, the Maxi Yachts boatyard constructed 34-42 foot yachts, designed by world champion and Olympics medalist, Pelle Petterson. Since its establishment, the boatyard has released over 16 thousand vessels.


The core values of the Maxi brand are design, comfort and safety.


To own a Maxi yacht demonstrates one’s passion for the life at sea. The typical Maxi owner is a purist sailor seeking the perfect balance between the performance of a boat and the comfort it provides. The Maxi product range combines safety with build quality finished with an eye for the smallest detail. Experience in building yachts shines through in each craft’s functionality, ease of handling and uncompromising comfort for the crew, coupled with contemporary eye-catching Scandinavian styling.


Despite the unmistakable attention to detail and design, these vessels feature excellent nautical capabilities that have earned them loyal enthusiasts worldwide.


It is the firm opinion of Delphia Yachts Kot sp. j., that Maxi yachts deserves to continue to produce fine craft to allow future generations of sailors to forge their character onboard such excellent vessels.  Therefore, we regard the acquisition of Maxi Yachts as part of Delphia’s strategic development, going the extra mile to meet clients’ expectations, always seeking new solutions and continuously increasing our product range. The range currently features 10 sailboats, 3 house boats, and some 20 classic models of motorboats and speedboats. Maxi models complement the current Delphia lineup and therefore it is our intention to breathe new life into such beautiful and inspired designs.


Delphia Yachts is a constantly growing company, constantly seeking new challenges. We feel that acquiring Maxi Yachts presents a great challenge – one that takes preparation, investment and time to achieve the desired results. By acquiring Maxi, we are able to expand our dealership network and establish our leading position in a market inspired by such legends and icons of sailing style as Pelle Petterson.


All Maxi yachts will be produced at Delphia Yachts shipyard. At first Delphia plans to restart the production of existing models (Maxi 1300, Maxi 1060 and SM 40) and hopes for the future increase of Maxi Yachts fleet. The positioning of Maxi brand remains unchanged.


It is generally appreciated that yacht building is a highly complex process requiring specialized technical knowledge and skill.


At Delphia Yachts, we combine these attributes with experience, passion and advanced technology allowing us to create a superlative product which will be evident in the first models of Maxi Yachts to leave our production line.


Full details about Delphia Yachts, including the aquisition of Maxi Yachts can be found at  http://en.delphiayachts.net/home-page


News » The future for Najad is secured

Dear customer and sailing friends

It is with great pleasure that we now can welcome our new owner Nord West Yachts, as the final part of giving Najad a long term profitable future.

The last year has been very challenging with many tough decisions and would like to take the opportunity to thank all our employees, board and the former owner Animatrix Capital LLP for big contribution, support  and loyalty. The employees has achieved many and big improvements in both sales, quality and production, during the year.

From the day, when the only way forward was bankruptcy, we have been working hard to find the perfect owner of Najad. In Nord West there is good management and excellent craftsmen. Since they are also situated on Orust, I am very sure that the very famous “Orust-quality”, that is wellknown in a Najad, will stay with the Najad brand for many years ahead. I am therefore absolutely sure that Nord West ownership is the perfect harbor for future Najad yachts.

This is now the last part of my assignment to save Najad and it is time for setting sails towards new challenges. Since it, hopefully, will be some more time for sailing next summer, maybe we will meet again out on the ocean.

Until meeting again

Have a nice winter and take good care of your yacht and the love will last forever.


Your sincerely

Mikael Gustavsson

former CEO Najadvarvet AB


The Maxi brand was owned by Najadvarvet, we will let you know what this means for the furure of Maxi Yachts when we know more