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The 2002 season was a successful one for Maxi 1100 Superted IV owned by Matt and Jean Findlay from Marchwood Yacht Club near Southampton. Superted was overall winner of Class 1 in the south coast’s premier two handed series run by the Royal Southampton Yacht Club. This popular series consists of eight races half of which are passage races and half of which are inshore or round the buoys. Two discards are allowed. Around 30 boats competed in class 1 which was won by Superted with four firsts, a third and a fourth, comfortably fending off some strong opposition from J105’s, J110’s and other go fast racers.

Earlier in the season Supertesuperted-cz-roller1d sailed by father and son Matt and Matthew also won class 1 in the two handed Triangle race, (Torquay, Cork, Treguier and Torquay). An overall win was lost only because we took shelter in Falmouth (while out in front), to sit out an imminent gale which did not materialise.

Superted uses Vectran/Kevlar sails by Sobstat with a 105% jib. We carry a medium and heavy spinnaker and this year added a removable furling Code Zero made by White Sails at Warsash.  See pictures. The zero has an area of around 57m (IRC formula), and is made from taffeta backed Mylar. It’s mounted on a Facnor furler (SDG2000PC) which is shackled to a specially designed fitting ahead of the jib. The luff of the sail is set up very tight, and the fitting transmits the load directly to the stem head. The sail gives good additional boat speed between 55 – 90 degrees apparent and we’ve ussuperted-cz-12ed it up to 18 knots apparent wind, though its designed for a bit less! (It also goose wings very nicely when cruising, and is easy to furl away).

It has taken a couple of years to really get the boat to go and to optimise the sail plan. We’ve found that there is a very fine line between pointing and going fast with the small jib. It’s a lot harder than using a large Genoa. In our quest to overcome the light wind blues, we considered going the large Genoa route, but opted for the code zero approach as we are geared up for short handed sailing and wanted to avoid head sail changes and the increased handicap. As a result our rating of 1.000 makes us very competitive in stronger winds, and generally we can hang on in there even in the lighter stuff. I am sure the 1100 will also be competitive with the large overlapping Genoa provided it’s fully crewed and the headsail is changed efficiently when required. We would be very interested to hear the experience of those using the Genoa and to exchange views.

All this sounds very racy. It is, but in fact we equally enjoy fast cruising. We’ve notched up around 10,000 miles in the last three years!

Happy sailing. Matt and Jean Findlay.

The Natural Mat Company make specialist mattresses and bedding for yachts and are offering M-O-A members a special discount.

We have fitted one to Vouvray to replace the original foam that was becoming uncomfortable and has always been difficult to ventilate.  Our new mattress uses natural latex and coir to provide extra comfort with self-ventilation.  It fits beautifully, it is very comfortable, and allows good access to the locker below.

The Natural Mat Company already have a template for the Maxi 1100 forepeak (Ours was WITHOUT the removable in-fill), and new templates are easy to arrange.  A discount of 7.5% is offered to M-O-A members by contacting

Mark @ naturalmat . com

and quoting “Maxi Owners Association”.

The Natural Mat Company is at 99 Talbot Road, London W11 2AT, tel 0207 985 0474 although their factory is at Topsham, near Exmouth, so we were able to save delivery charges as well by picking it up by boat at Exmouth Marina!


Helen and Chris W, Vouvray.

Marine Fire Safety Limited, of Chaldon Surrey are suppliers of fire protection equipment for all types of boats.  Free advice and discounts are available to the Maxi Owners’ Association of up to 15% for Association Members only for the supply and/or fitting of new fire protection equipment.

Tel: 01737 642375 Fax: 01737-649906 Email:

info @ marinefiresafety . co . uk

Website: www.marinefiresafety.co.uk

“Sailing My Dream” the true story of a Maxi sailing round the world by Dick Allan.  Copies are now only available in an A4 format with laminated covers at £16.95.

“Cry of the Heron” is £7.99 – a deeply moving novel set on the rivers and canals of late 18th century England about rivalry between 2 families of bargemen on the river Thames and the Wey.

Both can be obtained direct from Dr J.R.Allan, The Spinney, Parkside, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 0JP or email Dick at

dickallan @ csma – netlink . co . uk

By way of a discount Dick will send them out post free (UK mainland only).  Cheques made out to J.R.Allan.

Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson offer a 10% discount to M-O-A members who order IMRAY charts and publications or Admiralty leisure charts / portfolios DIRECTLY from them at in St Ives, Cambrideshire.  Please note this discount does not apply to standard Admiralty Charts.

To claim your 10% discount you must (before you order) state you are a member of Maxi Owners Association and give the name of your boat and the name of the listed M-O-A member.  Imray hold a list of current Boats/Members, so if you are a new member, then you should ensure we have updated Imray with your details.  For web site orders, there is a facility to add a note, so please add your Boat Name and state you are a member of the Maxi Owners Association.  They will then apply the discount to your order.