… for the Max from your sailing!

Chichester Harbour  –  Summer family rally & Spit Roast BBQ, 1 – 3 August 2008

Another excellent rally with a good turn out – thirty all told representing 11 boats –  and a great Spit Roast courtesy of SD Marine!

Another new format Rally.  This time it was in Chichester harbour with space to include all the family.  However the seasonal weather persisted with overcast sky, fresh breeze and more, although the rain was occasional.  Northney Marina provided a very friendly, suitable sheltered surroundings and a good base for us.  SD Marine arranged for an excellent BBQ.  We had our own Celebrity, the stranded whale right outside the marina entrance.  The trouble was she arrived 24 hours early and we only had the pictures with the news reports.


I called out across the ether on Friday evening for any early Maxi’s to join a raft up for supper at East Head.  There was no response.  We sheltered in Thorney creek and enjoyed our evening aboard with just an occasional other boat on this first August holiday weekend.  However by midday on Saturday several other Maxi’s arrived in Northney and we were underway meeting the others as expected. 

The games kit was out and our leader and Chairman started off with a bold French cricket.  His plastered leg provided a good sized target.  This was gained during a recent holiday on land.  Supported by his family and daughters, later in the evening we went on to an all-in Rounder’s game.  Other options included volleyball and frizby.  We prepared three gazebos as shelter and saw at least one march across the field of play in the wind.

The BBQ was well prepared and set up with some 4 different meat choices and 8 salads for us all.  Alison Skipper had prepared a lovely range of deserts too.  In total there were 30 from 11 crews with Roger & Sue Moon to bring us up to date with the changes to the Maxi brand ownership.  Two came by wheels with 2 more resident Northney bertholders.  The additional boat Intrepid arrived just too late having been delayed in their cross channel passage.

Sunday morning was a gentle start, taking advantage of the Board Walk marquee restaurant for breakfasts 4 or 5 crews gathered, before finally departing to catch the last of the flood to Chichester or about midday well reefed to catch the ebb Westwards.

28 Participants in all… and many thanks to SD Marine for the BBQ!

Boat    Crew    No’s
Bilton Garth  1050  Richard & Loraine Sams    4
Good Time Girl  1000  Kevin & Annie Brown    4
Maxima  1100  David & Sandy Hodges  Northney  2
Blue Lightning  1100  Peter & Sarah Sands    2
Magewind  1050  John & Alison Skipper  By wheels  4
Blue Rider  1000  Peter & Sue Stonestreet    2
Leda of Hamble  1000  David & Frances Brown    2
Blue Demon  1100  Guy & Ros Warner  By wheels  2
Intrepid  1000  Bob & Sue Garrett  Northney  2
Asante  1100  Andy & Sara Horwood    2
Mischief  1100  Douglas Mursell & Rachel  By wheels  2
SD Marine    Roger Moon & Sue    2

Peter Stonestreet                Whale Photos courtesy of Mike Smith, MDL Northney Marina