… for the Max from your sailing!


Nimbus Power Boat/Maxi Yacht Rally at Bembridge in the Solent  16-18 May 2008

In 2007, our first Nimbus/Maxi rally had to be postponed from May until October due to the terrible forecast and limited access at Bembridge.  This year we were rather more fortunate with the weather.  It was however somewhat ironic that this year’s date coincided with the formal transfer of Maxi Yachts from the Nimbus Group to the Najad group.  More news soon on this move, but we hope that our excellent relationship with Nimbus Owners, many of whom formerly sailed Maxi’s, will continue.
"A very happy gathering of 8 boats. What a date to choose. The date of the Nimbus sale of Maxi to Naiad!  Despite this 2 Nimbi and 2 Maxi arrived late Friday evening to meet and compare different styles of boating.  On Saturday 7 more Maxi arrived in time for some to visit the excellent Roman Villa museum nearby at Brading which included lunch. Again, it was remarked how the owners of Maxi and Nimbus boats mix well so that no one was left out.
Following the delayed return we joined the others in discussion of modifications to 1100 and 1050 as well as anticipation of the 1300’s that have been sold through SD Marine.  Thumbs down for the evening BBQ in a cold NE wind, with preference for a quick thinking, seemless alternative of ‘progressive supper’ configured by the crews to ensure that all mixed at different boats for different courses.
Unfortunately a regular, Saphire, could not attend hence, by popular vote was recommended as a coordinator for Channel Isles where they have recently moved!
Boat Crew No’s
Blue Lightning  1100 Peter & Sarah Sands 2
Blue Rider  1000 Peter & Sue Stonestreet 2
Maxima  1100 David & Sandy Hodges 2
Asante 1100 Andy & Sara Horwood 2
Magewind 1050 John Skipper, Rosemary, Ruben 3
Blue Demon 1100 Guy & Ros Warner 2
Footloose  Nimbus Don Lucas & Avril 2
Vilana  Nimbus Micky, Brigitte, Gabor, Idkila 4