… for the Max from your sailing!

Sun, warmth & blue skies – Bembridge 23-25th May 2009

What a contrast to last year!

Sun, warmth, blue skies… and 8 Maxi’s.   A perfect start to a bank holiday weekend!


The marina staff had prepared for two trots for us.  Blue Rider arrived at the top of the tide to find Blue Lightning already there and ready to take our lines.  The remainder of the fleet smelt the coffee and soon followed alongside to join us the cockpit and catch up on the news of winter holidays and refits.  This was to be a good Bank Holiday break.


We were able to welcome newcomers, John and Irene Taylor, with son Phillip, onboard Amare (38+), and Graham and Helena Douglas, with boat hound Hamish on Moon Shadow (999).  Helena is our new newsletter editor.  All relaxed in the pleasant afternoon, except for the crew of Blue Rider who were busy planning the progression of that night’s BYO Safari Supper — for 14 crew in six groups on two boats per course with three courses.

The evening was brilliant and started with pontoon party and ‘hors d’oeuvres’ in the warm sunshine.  At the allotted time we gathered our first courses and assembled aboard our host boat.  After this we had half an hour to cook our main courses on our own boats, before collecting desserts to eat on another.  Finally thanks to their kind hospitality we all gathered onboard Blue Lightning for coffee, chocolates and after dinner drinks to commend our good fortune with the weather and excellent company.  Some thoughts also turned to a possible Rally in Guernsey for 2010, now that we have Maxi owners represented there.

Sunday opened for a healthy day with most Maxis off for walks around the shoreline: some even managed the Crab & Lobster for lunch.  We did the windmill for education and met the Sunday Maxi arrivals around the town.  That evening, like clockwork the ferries were ready to take us to dinner at the colonial style Bembridge Sailing Club with its dining room facing the setting sun.  We all complimented the presentation of the excellent two-course meal and coffee.

Bank Holiday Monday started dismally following overnight rain, but the weather soon cleared for a necessary departure for most at about 10:30, leaving Blue Rider having coffee at Baywatch before leaving on the tide at 12:30.

Blue Lightning
Bilton Garth
Blue Rider
Good Time Girl
Moon Shadow
Lookin for Kloos                                    (18 people in all)

Report by Peter Stonestreet Blue Rider and Helena Moon Shadow