… for the Max from your sailing!

A Maxi 1000 problem I had last year was when the loo stopped working – I blamed others for blocking it, but found eventually that the holding tank was full of limescale – like the pipes get but this time blocking the internal stainless pipes and 8 – 10 mm thick on the side wall of the tank. I took out the tank and chipped and banged away to get it all out – a job worth doing this winter BEFORE IT BLOCKS if boat is 10 years old+

Also there has been a problem with the new PAR Brydon loos – they deleted a spring behind the inlet valve and many paople are having flushing water priming problems. If they are (as we are), they need to get the spring – this will fix it. They will supply it free!

Derek Gardner Oct 2006

Rob Ware, Eye of Horus adds… “We also had a blocked loo this summer and like Derek I initially blamed the crew. It turned out that limescale (up to 8 mm thick) in the hose between the loo and the holding tank had become dislodged and totally blocked the pipe. I ended up replacing the pipe. It is probably worth checking the internal condition of the pipe every couple of years.”

Chris Wildey adds… “I used RydLyme Marine earlier this year when I was getting worried about pipe blockage. It seems to have worked, and there is certainly no limescale in the tank itself after 5 years. It would be interesting to know how others have got on with this or other solutions. www.rydlymemarine.co.uk