… for the Max from your sailing!

RS1_Liferaft_M1000_10Richard provided these photos in response to a request from Bob Garrett.

“Bob, I’ve fitted a liferaft to Thor, hanging it off the pulpit. I’m really pleased with it as I mounted it in a way that distributes the load down the pushpit rather than hanging off as many do. The pictures say it all – if not, shout and I’ll take some more. The bracket on the inboard side is a sort of meccano-looking dinghy chain-plate I got from the chandler. I used a piece of rubber hose taped to the tubing to rest on the transom. I’m sure you can work out the rest. The good thing is that you can rest the liferaft on the cradle without the retaining strap and the flagpole still fits.”

Richard Davidson, ThorRS1_Liferaft_M1000_11