… for the Max from your sailing!

RS1_WaterLock_PW_1_edI am pleased to report that the Nanni diesel is now installed in my Maxi 95 and works wonderfully – smoooth and quieter than the original Volvo.

Of course the old Volvo had no waterlock but the volume of water going through it was considerably smaller – especially in mine latterly judging by the steam that came out!

So I’ve had to work out how to fit a waterlock which should be sited lower than the engine but this is impossible as the engine is so low being on the saloon floor. Well, what I have done is to fit the Vetus NLP which is an effective muffler too. The water inlet is low on this device, probably as low as one could be.

After lengthy preparation getting a 60mm exhaust hose through the raised step arrangement beneath the companionway steps, I have installed the waterlock as low as is possible, which I hope you can see from the pictures.

RS1_WaterLock_PW_2  RS1_WaterLock_PW_3

I believe this arrangement will trap most of the water which is left in the exhaust when the engine is stopped. Very little pipe is lower than the lock now.

I include pictures of the arrangement after the waterlock which might help anyone else who wants to fit a new engine. Also shown is the diesel return that I joined into the breather pipe.

RS1_WaterLock_PW_4The anti-syphon break has to be at least 50mm above the water-line. This unfortunately meant spoiling the beautiful table.

RS1_WaterLock_PW_5The whole ‘venture’ has given me immense pleasure and satisfaction, and I hope I can be of assistance to anyone else should they be contemplating a similar project.

Peter Wright, Dream Machine