… for the Max from your sailing!
  • Aloni ~ Sue & Steve Harridge
  • Amylou ~ Gary & Carole Heward
  • Aquarius Ventures ~ Gordon & Christine Agnew
  • Asante ~ Andy & Sara Horwood
  • Blue Lightning ~ Peter & Sarah Sands
  • Caribu ~ Tim & Sarah Phillips
  • Lapis Lady ~ Peter & Heather Polades
  • Lookin Foor Kloos ~ Julian & Carolyn Trimming
  • Neroli ~ Rod & Carole Minkey
  • Pell Mell ~ Peter & Sarah O’Donnell
  • Suive ~ Richard & Lorraine Sams

Apologies: Apologies were received from the following:

  • Ariam ~ Pan & Andy Verdun
  • Baldur ~ William Avery
  • Blue Rider ~ Peter & Sue Stonestreet
  • Brent Goose ~ Alan Tomlins
  • Good Time Girl ~ Kevin & Annie Brown
  • Moondust ~ Rob & Julie Powter
  • Moonshine Blues ~ Robert & Sally Ledger
  • Nyala ~ Chris & Tricia Bryars

Votes by proxy:


Copies of the minutes of the 2017 AGM were distributed. It was unanimously agreed that they were a true and accurate account of that meeting.

Chairman’s Report:

The Chairman (Julian Trimming) opened the meeting by thanking those members attending and commented on how nice it was to have a combined AGM and Rally. He then proposed a vote of thanks to Gary and Carole Heward for organising the AGM and Rally.

Julian highlighted the various events of the 2017 season which included the first rally to Cherbourg for many years, which despite starting off in a heavy thunder storm was attended by a small group of boats.

The Association has a full rally program but was again focused on the Solent and South Coast. Despite the effort made to get a wheels rally on the East Coast, the initiative unfortunately petered out and did not go ahead.

Julian commented that it would be great to have rallies in other parts of the country and funding is available to support the events but it will only happen with the support of members is the areas to be more proactive.

As an organisation it would be healthy to have more people represented on the Committee. We have several members that have been the backbone of the committee for several years, have been very supportive and stepped up to fill vacancies. But we still have vacancies for Vice Chair and Webmaster and it would be positive to have a wider representation on the committee. A request for volunteers to join the Committee was made.

Julian had previously advised he would be standing down as Chairman at the end of 2017 but as no one had come forward to take on the role he had agreed to continue for another year.

A vote of thanks was given to Julian for continuing his role as Chairman

An additional challenge is filling the position of Webmaster. Chris Wildey, who has managed the website for many years, now wishes to retire from this role and if a solution cannot be found we face losing the website. If someone would come forward to take on the role of Chairman then Julian would undertake the webmaster role but he cannot run both positions.

One initiative started last year was the M.O.A. photo competition. The initiative has been well supported and a selection of photographs from far and wide had been submitted. The winning entries were voted for by members and were announced later in the meeting.

Election of officers

Proposals for the Committee are set out below.

In addition it was proposed and agreed that three (3) additional General Members would be elected on to the Committee.

  • Chairman Julian Trimming
  • Vice Chairman Vacant
  • Secretary Peter Sands
  • Treasurer Sarah Sands
  • Web Master Vacant
  • Membership Secretary Sara Horwood
  • UK Rally Coordinator Peter Stonestreet
  • South Coast Rally Coordinator Richard Sams
  • East Coast Rally Coordinator Vacant
  • General Committee Members (3)
    • Andy Horwood
    • Rod Minkey
    • Carolyn Trimming
    • Gary Heward

Signatories to the Association bank accounts remain as Sarah Sands (Treasurer) and Sara Horwood (Membership) and Peter Sands (Secretary)

The proposed committee was unanimously approved by those members present at the meeting

Volunteers are requested to fill the vacant Committee positions and Area Coordinators

Area Coordinators Reports:

The Solent is still predominantly the only area where rallies are organised, although we would welcome contact from other regions who would like to organise a rally.

The Committee can provide support with a guide to help people set up a rally. The Solent area are circulating invitations to attend rallies to all Association Members to both demonstrate what is going on and welcome any Member to an event should they be cruising in the area during a planned event.

No reports were given of activity in any other area

Rally Co-ordinators are requested for all other regions in the hope activity can be encouraged.

Solent Rally report 2017

There were 6 rallies during the 2017 sailing season and all were well attended.

A brief outline of events at each rally was given.

Thanks were proposed to all who have run rallies in 2017

Richard Sams then outlined the proposed rallies for the Solent area for 2018, those being:- Poole, Cherbourg, Bembridge, Chichester, Cowes

Treasurer’s Statement:

Sarah Sands presented a summary of the year’s accounts and had the accounts available for review by the members.

Balance of our accounts at the end of the 2017/18 year was:

  • Current account: £335.48
  • Savings account: £4778.57
  • Income (Subs & Sales) £957.22
  • Expenditure
    • Website hosting £7.00
    • AGM Costs £0.00
    • Rallies £361.69
    • Expenses £64.65
    • Total Expenditure £433.34

No comments were made or clarifications requested and the Accounts were accepted.


Sara Horwood provided an updated membership list which showed a total of 81 members which included 13 new members since October 2017 and 30 members that are on the list but not up to date with their subscriptions.

Other memberships: It was agreed by those present that the following “Associate” Memberships would be granted for another year John Haskins Marine – technical advisor SD Marine, Regatta Yachts

Photo Competition

The winner of the photo competition was announces as follows

First Prize awarded to Jamie Pride “Maxi Magic at play” (£20)

Second Prize awarded to Gary Heward “caught on port tack” (£10)

Web Site

A webmaster is required if the site is to be maintained and managed to the benefit of the association and encourage traffic through the Web Site

It was suggested that a sailing club may take on the site administration at a competitive rate as Clubs often have staff with the necessary skills and may welcome the income that this could generate. Julian acknowledged this and was to look in to it further.

The discussion went on to website security. Peoples concerns were noted and the topic would be further discussed with Chris Wildey to establish if there were any areas that needed to be tightened.

It was agreed that all confidential information should be removed from the website (Full Membership Lists)


The requirements for GDPR were discussed. The membership secretary had done some research in to the requirements and felt that the association were generally complaint

• Member lists are password protected

• All circulations are blind copied

• The information held is only that given on the application form by potential members

Subscription rates were discussed and it was proposed and unanimously agreed by all at the meeting that the annual subscription for membership should increase to £20.00 / boat. Primarily to cover anticipated increase in costs to cover website development and administration.

No further items were raised for discussion.

The meeting was closed at 19:37hrs.