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All current and previous AGM posts about calling notices, minutes, summaries, etc.


Annual General meeting – 21st February 2016

Held at The Phoenix Inn, Twyford. Meeting Opened at 12:00hrs


Amylou ~ Gary & Carole Heward

Asante ~ Andy & Sara Horwood

Blue Lightning ~ Peter & Sarah Sands

Blue Rider ~ Peter & Sue Stonestreet

Looking Foor Klos ~ Julian & Carolyn Trimming

Neroli ~ Rod & Carole Minkey


Magewind ~ John Skipper

Misty ~ Nigel Chilcott

Atlantide ~ David Lack

Good Time Girl ~ Kevin & Annie Brown


Apologies were received from the following:

Fenix Flyer ~ Graham Bremer

Suive ~ Richard & Lorraine Sams

Caribou ~ Tim & Sarah Phillips

Leda ~ David Brown

Orinoco ~ Ronnie and Jane Harris

Moonshine Blues ~ Robert & Sally Ledger

Vouvray ~ Chris & Helen Wildey

Aloni ~ Jim & Jackie Burns


Copies of the minutes of the 2015 AGM were distributed

It was unanimously agreed that they were a true and accurate account of that meeting.

 Chairman’s Report:

Julian Trimming opened the meeting by thanking those members attending and summarised the events of 2015.

A significant milestone was the advice that Maxi Yachts had a new UK distributor “Regatta Yachts”

Regatta Yachts would be offered membership of the Association conditional on them undertaking to respect that Membership Data was classified and not available for them to use for marketing purposes..

There was intent to confirm a rally program as early as possible in the hope that getting the events in to Members diaries would encourage wider attendance.


In discussions with Chris Wildey, it was believed that changing the website to a “Wordpress” format would make site maintenance easier and allow the site to be kept up to date without the reliance on everything needing to be processed by the webmaster.

Program for change and budget costs were discussed and it was agreed that Chris Wildey would be given the authority to proceed.

Chris has expended a great deal of time and effort in researching and proposing plans for the website and the Association formally recognises his work, expresses a vote of thanks and will present him with a token gift of wine to show appreciation.

A survey has been conducted by the “Dufour” Owners Association looking at various aspects of Boat Owners Associations.

One of the areas highlighted is the difficulty that smaller Associations are having in maintaining support from their membership. Giving some reassurance that the difficulty the M.O.A is having in engaging its members is not unique.

The Memberships ideas and opinions are again sought to try to boost Association activity.

Treasurer’s Statement:

 Sarah presented a summary of the years accounts and had the accounts available for review by the members.

Balance of our accounts at the end of the 2015/16 year was:

Current account:                     £278.30

Savings account:                     £4655.32

Income (Subs & Sales)           £817.77


Website hosting                      £128.00

AGM Costs                             £26.00

Rallies                                     £469.12

Expences                                 £50.00


 Sara provided an updated membership list which showed that membership is slightly down on that of previous year, although the distribution is generally unchanged.

Other memberships:

It was agreed by those present that “Honorary” memberships should be removed from the Association

It was agreed by those present that the following “Associate” Memberships would be granted for one year

John Haskins Marine – technical advisor

SD Marine

Regatta Yachts


Proposals for the Committee are set out below.

In addition it was proposed and agreed that Three (3) additional General Members would be elected on to the Committee.

Chairman                                                  Julian Trimming

Vice Chairman                                         Vacant

Secretary                                                   Peter Sands

Treasurer                                                  Sarah Sands

Web Master                                              Vacant

Membership Secretary                           Sara Horwood

UK Rally Coordinator                            Peter Stonestreet

South Coast Rally Coordinator            Graham Bremer

East Coast Rally Coordinator               Vacant

General Committee Members (3)       Andy Horwood

Carolyn Trimming

Rod Minkey


Signatories to the Association bank accounts remain as Sarah Sands (Treasurer) and Sara Horwood (Membership) and Peter Sands (Secretary)

The proposed committee was unanimously approved by those members present at the meeting

Volunteers are requested to fill the two vacant positions

Area Coordinators:

 Graham Bremer was sadly unable to attend the meeting so a report of activity in the Solent area was given by Peter Sands

The Solent area are circulating invitations to attend rallies to all Association Members to both demonstrate what is going on and welcome any Member to an event should they be cruising in the area during a planned event.

No reports were given of activity in any other area

Rally Co-ordinators are requested for all other regions in the hope activity can be encouraged.

Preliminary Rally Program Solent Area

26 / 27 March ~ Ocean Village / Mercury Marina

9/10/11 May ~ Bembridge

4 / 5 June ~ Lymington

13 / 14 ~ August Chichester

3 / 4 September ~ Poole

16 / 16 October ~ Cowes

Web Site

Joomla to be replaced by “Wordpress” to make it easier to maintain the site and add items.

See Chairman’s report


No items were tabled and the meeting was closed at 1430hrs.





We are pleased to invite you, as a Member of the MAXI OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, to our A.G.M., which will take place at:

The Phoenix Inn

High Street



SO21 1RF


Sunday 19th February 2017



12.00 AGM (all welcome)

13.00 Meal (Curry Buffet – TBC), Drink and Skittles.



Members and families are welcome to the AGM, but if you would just like to attend the social part of the event you are very welcome. The main purpose for the AGM will be to agree the Association programme for 2017 and to elect Officers to the Committee.

The meal will probably be a curry buffet depending on numbers at a cost of £12 per head. A first drink will be provided by M-O-A.




Due to the changes in the committee at the end of this year we still have vacancies for:

East Coast Rally Co-ordinator

UK Rally Co-ordinator




We would welcome any volunteers.




We are conscious that currently most events are Solent /South Coast.

If there are members in other locations interested in attending events or maybe arranging pub meetings, rallies do lets us know to so any suggestions could be discussed at the AGM.


The committee have been busy and have developed a provisional programme for 2017, which will be shared at the AGM so that you can put the dates in your diaries.

Remember, out of area participation is always welcome so if your Maxi is a long way away (or out of the water), come by car and share the fun.




  1. Apologies
  2. Chairman’s Report – Activities during the year
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Membership and accounts
  4. Rally co-ordinator’s report on 2016 programme and review of the 2017 programme
  5. Election/Re-election of Officers / Committee Members and Honorary Members

Committee Members:

Chairman Julian Trimming
Vice-Chairman Vacant
Secretary Peter Sands
Treasurer Sarah Sands
Web-Master Vacant
South Coast Rally Co-ordinator Richard Sams
UK Rally Co-ordinator Vacant
Membership Secretary Sara Horwood
East Coast Rally Co-ordinator Vacant
General Committee Member Andy Horwood

Carolyn Trimming

plus 1 vacancy

  1. Discussion on events, web site, help required and developing activity on website
  2. Any other business



As we need to confirm meal numbers with the pub, please confirm if you will be attending by Monday 13th February.


You will find also attached a Form of Proxy (for completion if you are unable to attend).


Please return either by email to membership@maxiowners.net or by post to the Membership Secretary by Friday 17th February for Proxy votes to be counted.





M-O-A Committee                                                                                        January 2017

FORM of PROXY                            MOA A.G.M.                        19th February 2017

Voting by Proxy

            You can vote by proxy by marking with an “X” against each item.

If you mark in some other way or more than once against the item or leave blank then       no vote will be recorded for that item.


Deadline for voting by proxy

This form, properly completed, should be returned to the Membership Secretary, Sara Horwood, Anemone Cottage, South Lane, Nomansland, Salisbury, SP5 2BZ by the latest Friday 19th February. No proxy forms can be accepted after that date.


Signing the Form

            For your vote to be counted you must sign at the foot of the form.

       The following posts are vacant. If you are prepared to volunteer for one, please tick below:
Vice Chairman        
Web Master        
            East Coast Rally Co-ordinator        
           UK Rally Co-ordinator        
Items requiring a vote: For Against Abstain Discretion of Chairman
1.    To re-elect existing committee members to current positions and to elect new committee members        
2.   To re-elect the SD Marine team and Haskins Marine as Associate Members for 2016/17        

Matters for discussion (please write in):









Signed——————————————————–                  Date ———————-

Name (Capitals please)———————————————-             

Please see below the entries for the 2016 MOA photo competition.  Please e-mail me on jtrimming@hotmail.com  with your vote with the name of  your favourite photo – the prize to be awarded at the AGM on Feb 19th at the Phoenix, Twyford, Nr Winchester.

Best regards


 On route to Poole Rally 2016

 Itchenor Rally 2016

 Maxi on Round the Island Race

 Chichester Rally 2016

 Windy Sunday off Hurst