… for the Max from your sailing!

Our 2008 AGM was another success, although the numbers who could actually make it to the Queen Inn at Dummer were less than last year.  Our Association is still growing but we really do need more volunteers to help us.

The Rally season has now started, and we had another very successful Nimbus Power/Maxi Sail joint event in Bembridge.  It was somewhat ironic that the date of this event was the same date when Maxi Yachts was formally sold by the Nimbus Group to Najad, forming a new Group to be known as Linnea.

We are pleased to be able to report that SD Marine will continue their long association with Maxi Yachts.   At present, details are fairly sketchy but SD Marine say

“Further to the announcement that Najad have acquired Maxi Yachts AB, and a new company has been formed Linnea Yacht Group bringing together Najad Yachts, Maxi Yachts and Aphrodite giving a broad range of models available. We at S. D. Marine Ltd will continue to be the Maxi Yachts contact in the UK, business as usual.”