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Rally Reports 2015

Dartmouth Rally?


Solent members venturing down to the West Country recently.  Lookin Foor Kloos (Nick and Julian Trimming) and Out of the Blue (Bill and Sue McFarlane) rafted up on 8th July at Dartmouth…..was this a Dartmouth Rally?



Bembridge Rally Report

17 &18th June

This was an innovation for the Solent Section of the MOA, a mid-week rally to coincide with midsummer, and the season certainly smiled on us with warmth, sunshine, good breezes and only five minutes of very light rain at 0700 on the 18th! Nine boats, (Morfran, Lookin for Kloos, Blue Lightning, Maxima, Fenix Flyer, Suive, Leda of Hamble, Neroli & Walk of Life. Eighteen owners and crew participants with many spending the afternoon walking in the delightful environment of the Duver and adjacent coast, before assembling for the “pontoon party” in the evening. This was hosted by Richard and Lorraine Sams on Suive who had organised the social events and Peter and Joan Lloyd on Walk of LIfe . Conversation and wine flowed as did a stream of wonderful canapes from Suive’s galley. Suitably warmed up, we were taken by water taxi to the Brading Haven Yacht Club where we were given a very friendly welcome by a club member and then served an excellent dinner by Tara and her catering team. Ten o’ clock saw us back on the water taxi, although a few chose to walk back in the last of the ebbing light. We hope that the obvious success of the event will confirm it as an annual one but with even more boats attending next year.

Dinner at Brading Haven Yacht Club

dinner at brading haven

Waiting for the water taxi

waiting for the water taxi


16TH & 17TH MAY

 Southsea Rally Photo v2

In an otherwise indifferent May we were blessed with  a sunny weekend for this first visit to Southsea by the MOA. Pictured above is the pontoon get together prior to eating at the Bombay Bay restaurant with its excellent modern Bangladeshi cuisine .

Sign up for the next rally

The next rally is to Bembridge on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th June (H.W. 1249 &1337 4.6m.) to coincide with the long hours of daylight and the less congested more relaxed atmosphere before the boats start piling in on Friday. Four boats have already signed up and we hope that more of you will take the time off to spend a couple of days in this delightful spot. Our hosts for the event will be Richard and Lorraine Sams of Suive (extreme right in picture)

If you are interested please contact Graham Bremer at grahambarry00@gmail.com who is coordinating the event.