… for the Max from your sailing!


Engines, gear train, sail drive and props, plus fuel and engine electrics

The standard propeller is a LEFT handed 3 bladed 17 pitch x 12 diameter – and not Right as previously informed.

In my 38, the fuel tank is situated beneath the side galley. Looking aft from the galley sea cock hatch, the forward end of the fuel tank can be seen, at the base of which a drain plug. Ideally when the tank contents are low, but can be done with care when full, this plug can be removed and replaced by a tap available from your local plumbing merchant. Continue reading

At least a litre of water in the diesel tank containing 150 litres. This was initially discovered by inspection of the glass primary filter and no reason was forth coming until it was found that the “O” ring of the deck filler cap had disintegrated and broken. This turned out to be a very major task to remove this water and the question being had the igniters become rusted? Now where was the lowest point in the diesel tank and how to vacuum out both diesel and water via an inspection cover which would not lift more than 5 mm (yes, all 10 screws had been removed with difficulty). Not to prolong this agonising tale: check the “O” ring and if you do have to replace it (and carry a spare!) ensure it is made of “NITRILE” rubber otherwise it will disintegrate slowly with the diesel.

And on Diesel Bugs……
In the diesel where-o-where does it come from, especially when one hopes one is buying from a busy and reputable supplier. My particular BUG was dealt with using “Soltron” but there are others. Hopefully all’s well before the season starts?

Hugh Rowan

RS1_WaterLock_PW_1_edI am pleased to report that the Nanni diesel is now installed in my Maxi 95 and works wonderfully – smoooth and quieter than the original Volvo.

Of course the old Volvo had no waterlock but the volume of water going through it was considerably smaller – especially in mine latterly judging by the steam that came out!

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RS1_WaterfilterSome time ago there was some discussion about fitting sea water filters to the Maxi 1100 Volvo 2030 diesel. Most owners would want to fit one even if the risk of blockage is low (as it is here on the W Coast of Scotland).

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