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After sometimes struggling stowing my fully battened main, I wished I had specified in mast reefing, the following made life much easier:
Fit small round PVC discs at the leech end of the sail, directly opposite the mast shackle where the sail folds. When the sail is lowered, all you have to do is align the discs over the centre of the boom, knowing that this will fold the sail neatly and quickly.
The discs were fitted by a local sail maker during winter storage for just a few pounds, and while he was about it I asked him to replace those horrible plastic shackles with reinforced webbing sewn to the slides. This all makes for a much easier and neater stowed sail.

Barry Powling, Khamsin {Brittany France}

RS1_WaterLock_PW_1_edI am pleased to report that the Nanni diesel is now installed in my Maxi 95 and works wonderfully – smoooth and quieter than the original Volvo.

Of course the old Volvo had no waterlock but the volume of water going through it was considerably smaller – especially in mine latterly judging by the steam that came out!

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RS1_WaterfilterSome time ago there was some discussion about fitting sea water filters to the Maxi 1100 Volvo 2030 diesel. Most owners would want to fit one even if the risk of blockage is low (as it is here on the W Coast of Scotland).

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The Volvo Penta MD22L fitted to the Maxi 38 has a 18mm diameter core plug fitted to the heat exchanger… and is virtually inaccessible. The plugs rarely (if ever) fail and so they are not available as spares. So read how Caorann spent £166 searching for a solution that did not necessitate removing or replacing the whole heat exchanger. The solution is to tap the plug hole and fit a new threaded plug…

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A number of Maxi 95 owners have had to replace their cabin windows and various ideas have emerged on suitable materials. One such material is “Lexan”, a high impact polycarbonate sheet.   Another Maxi sourced some material from “Talking Plastics” in Havant.

More recently, Ken Johnson suggests that “GE (GENERAL ELECTRIC) MARGUARD a polycarbonate with anti scratch and chemical resistant coating is available from a supplier in Hull (look on Ebay for address) for around £100 for one boat. Easily cut and drilled, don’t use acrylic, as it’s not strong enough.”