… for the Max from your sailing!

Lymington Maxi Rally – 30 September 2006

Gusting 26/27 kts, we had a spanking good broad reach in Blue Rider (1000), from Portsmouth to Cowes before heading up and putting in the third reef across to Lymington,   and deciding whether the ferry or we would be pipped at the post into the Fairway.  We sailed passed the big Marinas to the town moorings.  The weather and time of year saw to a choice for space.
We need not have feared, this was a Maxi Rally and so there were 6 altogether, in spite of the rough weather forecast. Ken Hay was about to prove his fine preparation with a midstream pontoon allocated for us.  The evening was fine and his welcome pontoon party sealed the group spirits before the outing to the Wisteria restaurant.  The quality choice for a Saturday evening proved the skills of a local resident over other Rally groups.  As well as the location, Ken had a comfortable club Jolly Boat to take us ashore.  The photos prove the quality and enjoyment.
We slept well and in the morning the threat of F6-8 prevailed and skippers made various sucking noises combined with chin stroking.  Ken soon joined us and various Eastward departures downwind were made.  Eye of Horus boldly left earlier toward Poole, but the sight of Hurst Castle persuaded him a second breakfast in Lymington was the best choice. 
As a note for the future planning it is not too inconvenient for Poole boats to return overland.
As a postscript, reference to Eye of Horus technical reports of exhaust back pressure (which can be found in the web’s Technical area) is valuable.
Peter Stonestreet